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Is Your Baby Having Trouble Sleeping?

Everybody wants their baby sleeping through the night. Babies and their parents need restful sleep – it’s important so that the baby is not grumpy and cranky all day and so that the parents can function somewhat normally. Of course, a baby sleeping through the night is not exactly typical, it’s to be expected that the little one will wake up a handful of times in need of feeding or diaper changing. Although we all hear of the lucky new parents with an angel who sleeps quietly for hours on end, we cannot all be so fortunate as most babies wake every few hours. However, some babies just do not sleep as much as they need to and it can torment everyone involved. This article will explain the common causes of a baby’s sleeping problems and what the parents can do to fix them, so that everyone can finally get a good night’s sleep!

Why Getting Baby to Sleep is so Difficult and what can Sleep school Melbourne do?

There are two main baby sleep problems. The first is that your baby just will not go to sleep to begin with. The second is that your baby will wake continuously and constantly throughout the night. Unfortunately, the two issues often intersect. By the age of three months, a baby sleep schedule should have developed on its own. Newborns up to that age will wake up much more than older babies, so it may not yet be a permanent problem if your baby is still only a few weeks old. Disrupted sleep can be due to any number of things – a wet nappy, a cold room, bright light or loud noise, an environment that is too warm, or even teething pain.

There is always the chance that a baby is waking up due to one of these genuine needs but any parent will soon be able to tell what is a real desire to be fed and what is simply fussiness. One cause of sleep problems may be too much activity around bedtime. Whether you put your baby down at 6.30 in the evening or 9 at night, bedtime needs to be quiet and calm in order to relax the baby. If the final feed is too lively, this can leave your little one restless. Babies need a soothing environment in which to fall asleep.